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Obama seeks note of reconciliation at Dallas memorial

U.S. President Barack Obama urged Americans on Tuesday to cast off despair over violence, to rise above racial divides and to honor five police officers slain in Dallas in a racially motivated attack by building on their call to service.

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US to keep most troops in Afghanistan, Obama says

President Barack Obama has announced a slowdown in the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan, saying 8,400 soldiers will stay there into next year. Under initial plans, US troop numbers were to be reduced to 5,500, from a current level of

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Obama to leave more troops than planned in Afghanistan

President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he will leave behind more troops in Afghanistan than originally planned. Speaking from the White House, Obama said he would draw down troops to 8,400 by the end of his administration, from the initial

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2016 campaign takes strange twists after Orlando

The ever-turbulent 2016 election is now just plain weird. The attack on an Orlando gay nightclub — the worst strike on U.S. soil since 9/11 — spurred a strange week of politics even by this year’s standards. As always, Donald

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Orlando shootings: Obama attacks Trump’s Muslim ban call

The Muslim ban proposed by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is “not the America we want”, President Barack Obama has said. Treating Muslim-Americans differently will only make the country less safe by increasing division between the West and the Muslim

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To Destroy a City In Order To Save It, By Owei Lakemfa

eorge Zimmerman, a 32-year old American murders a black boy, Trayvon Benjamin Martin. He is set free, and decides to further profit from his crime, by selling the murder weapon. He pockets $250,000 from the weapon’s sale, smiles to the

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