We’re Ready To Defeat Al-Shabab, Says Somalia president

We’re Ready To Defeat Al-Shabab, Says Somalia president

The President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has told the BBC that his government is on course to defeat al-Shabab militants in spite of the many challenges that stand in its way.

The government has had time to develop its strategy following a devastating truck bomb attack in the capital Mogadishu that killed at least 500 people, Mr Farmajo said. Now, it’s ready to act.

“[The attack] was really unfortunate, and [it] basically show[ed] the cowardice, the cowardly act by al-Shabab to destroy human lives and property, without discrimination,” the president said.

“It has given us the strength to reorganise, to do everything in our power to be ready, and to face [the militants],” he added.

Mr Farmajo also addressed the ongoing US air strikes against al-Shabab which killed at least 217 people last year, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

“The US is doing everything in its power to make sure civilians will not be targeted or harmed,” Mr Farmajo said. “We’re fighting with an enemy that’s not fighting in a conventional way – they’re doing guerrilla warfare and they basically hide sometimes in the population.”

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