PMB/Aisha Buhari faceoff- President under pressure to remarry

PMB/Aisha Buhari faceoff- President under pressure to remarry
  • First lady reportedly ‘evicted’ twice from Villa, close aides say
  • How Gov. Ajimobi was denied audience with Buhari- security aides

By Abubakar Sodiq, Abuja

There are fresh indications that President Muhammadu Buhari is under immense pressure to take another wife to curtail the activities of his wife, Aisha Buhari who appears to be developing an independent political mind.

The growing independence the First Lady appears to be exploring is believed to be giving sleepless nights to the president’s handlers who believe taking a second wife would allow the president’s wife focus more on domestic issues especially fighting for her hubby’s love with another woman.

The president, sources say is mulling the idea but has decided to bid his time in the hopes that the First Lady would soft-pedal on her recent political adventures.

The First lady recently carpeted her husband publicly in a widely-circulated media interview, while he was away in Germany on an official assignment saying he was allowing himself to be taken captive by a political cabal who did not work for his victory at the polls in 2015 but now enjoy perks of office.

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She had further said that she, including many Nigerians would not work for the ruling party’s chances of retaining power in 2019 if it presents her husband as candidate.

Buhari who has since assumption of office subtly curtailed the activities of the Office of First Lady quickly responded to his wife’s summation by saying her place was not in political matters but in the kitchen and the bedroom, a remark that had generated controversy globally.

The president’s wife had also revealed the existence of a ‘power cabal’ which was enjoying where it did not sow asking the president to reward the people that actively worked for his victory.

Aisha Buhari, 45, who has been married to the president for over twenty-seven years, had hit at the president, warning of grave political consequences if her husband allows the power cabal block him from Nigerians whom he swore to serve.

It was reliably gathered that a visibly pissed President had issued a stern warning to the First Lady to comply with all his instructions or be divorced and evicted completely from the State House (Aso Villa), Abuja.

An informed top security source, who confided in Aljazirahnews said Hajia Aisha had already been evicted twice in the past from Aso Villa since the assumption of President Buhari for not complying with the directives of her husband in respect of the governance of the country.

The eviction had been kept from public knowledge to avoid needless controversy.

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Investigations further revealed that after she was sent out from the State House, the First Lady hurriedly went to Daura in Katsina State to seek for the assistance of the traditional council, who later sent a team of emissaries to the President to plead on her behalf for forgiveness.

After the plea, it was gathered from the source that Hajia Aisha, who has since then been enjoying the cover of the traditional rulers from the state, “continued in the same behavior, insisting on utilizing her own office as the Nigerian First Lady, a situation which President Buhari sees as an affront to him as her husband and his office, as Nigerian President, hence, his decision to take a pragmatic action to evict her permanently from the State House if need arises.’’

To curtail her further, the President has been reportedly urged to marry a younger lady in as much as his religion permits this.

“Mr. President doesn’t hide anything from his security aides, being a military man. When he (President) sent her out of the Aso Rock, he gave a directive not to allow her to gain entrance into the Villa again, which Her Excellency was aware of. During this period, the woman remained in Daura, until the matter was quietly and secretly resolved by the Emir of Daura”, the source told this news medium.

If feelers from the State House are anything to go by, the relationship between the President and his wife has gone out of the kilter, as the duo are said to be having ‘a cat and mouse relationship now.’

According to one of the security operatives, who wants to remain anonymous, “the President is not happy with her utterances anymore and he is not finding it funny but he doesn’t want to be seen as dictatorial so he is playing it safely by not being seen to be fighting publicly with his wife. But he may soon give in to the idea of taking a second wife soon if care is not taken.

“The President’s statement was very clear, but the woman is just proving very obstinate. That she should face home does not mean that she would not still enjoy her office as First Lady. He doesn’t want her to get herself too much involved in mucky politics. Living flamboyant life, simple, is what the President wants her to do!

“The President is serious about the fact ‘she belongs to the kitchen and other rooms.’ How will you be confronting your husband publicly, especially in the midst of politicians? This is causing serious problem between the President and his wife. He has issued her a last warning, and what we (security personnel at State House) embrace in Mr. President is that he doesn’t care when he takes a final decision. Just of recent, Governor Ajimobi of Oyo State came calling and the president gave instructions that he doesn’t want to see him. And we blocked the governor, so he is a courageous man”, he added.

“We knew then that the relationship between the governor and the President has gone awry, and this is the kind of people which Mr. President doesn’t want his wife to be relating with! He has said it severally, told Her Excellency point black but it seems she is not ready to cooperate and if care is not taken, the President will send her out again, and remarry another young lady”, the source privy to the happenings in Villa said.

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