Houz of Dosa collection for the fashion savvy woman

Houz of Dosa collection for the fashion savvy woman

Houz of Dosa

Since launching in 2015Houz of Dosa is establishing itself as an affordable luxury woman wear brand. Our collection has very strong influences of Nigeria’s multi-cultural yet vibrant community with a classy yet chic twist.

Our collection aim’s to offer affordability for the fashion savvy woman. We focus on quality and craftsmanship of our garments, which empower every woman to feel beautiful, stylish and classy.

Being an African based fashion label, we draw our inspiration from African culture hence all our designs are handcrafted locally. We use only high quality materials which are durable yet affordable to give our customers the very best.


Houz of dosa was founded by Omoye Atiomo [pattern drafter] who is an excellent Nigerian fashion designer and who’s modernist thought, practical design and pursuit of expensive simplicity drove her to create the emerging fashion brand.


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