EDITORIAL: Two years of APC, still far from the Promised Change

EDITORIAL: Two years of APC, still far from the Promised Change

Nigerians had high expectations when the President Muhammadu Buhari led All Progressive Congress, (APC) in a keenly contested poll chased out the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) from power after years of control of political structures around the nation in 2015.

The elections which were hotly contested between the indefatigable Army General and the rather unassuming but controversial Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan had all the characteristics of a battle royale that tore the nation right down the middle. It took a historical gentlemanly call from Jonathan conceding defeat to his political foe to douse tension and avert what would have been a violent catastrophic crisis that may have sealed the country’s fate.

Enter President Muhammadu Buhari who rode on the mantra of change to a traumatized citizenry who had ostensibly been battered by the impunity that reigned supreme in the PDP years. The promised change was to open a new chapter in the arena of security, economy and fight against corruption, pedestals on which the tough talking General endeared himself to millions of Nigerians on the streets.

Two years down the line it seems the nation is yet to reach the promised land of plenty and prosperity promised by the party in power.

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Aljazirah Nigeria opines that much more than ever the much-touted change is yet to arrive.

Although the nation is experiencing a breather in the area of insecurity in the North East, with large swathes of territories invaded by Boko Haram terrorists recovered by our gallant troops, it is not yet time to celebrate.

It seems that much more deadlier and blood-thirsty herdsmen have taken over and are dealing massive destruction to communities across the South east, middle belt and other communities across the nation. Hundreds of defenseless men, women and children have been killed in their beds for no sane reason.

It is sad that our security operatives have been unable to check the activities of these murderous herdsmen who kill with impunity. As an added terror, kidnappers are not having a field day taking our nationals for ransom and even invading schools to abduct our kids.

Aljazirah Nigeria views this looming insecurity an unsettling concern that has put a pall on whatever achievements the government may have recorded in securing lives and properties.

The yet to be recovered number of abducted Chibok girls is still an open wound that needs to be healed despite the fact that the government has succeeded in bring a large number back home.

In the area of war on graft, it has become a singsong that the war is fought more on the pages of the newspapers rather than holistically. While a few convictions have been recorded, it has become obvious that jumping ship from the beleaguered PDP to the reigning APC guarantees automatic shield from being prosecuted for corruption while criticizing the government of the day makes you an easy target of the anti-graft hounds.

Even the few cases handled by the anti-graft agencies suffer suffocation legally at the courts due to poor preparation by the prosecution and undue politicization of the war.

The economy is more battered than ever after two years under the control of the APC.

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Suffering a debilitating economic recession, policy flipflops by the government has not helped matters much, Aljazirah Nigeria opines.

While we are happy at the giant strides made by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to ensure the stability of the Naira, the effect is yet to be felt by the common man on the streets. Affording three square meals for many families is now an uphill task nay a miracle.

The economic outlook is much drearier than ever with light still far down the tunnel.

Records show that the nation’s economy contracted 0.5% year-on-year in first quarter according to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics on May 23rd.

Although this was a significant improvement from the revised 1.7% drop recorded in Q4 it still marked the fifth consecutive quarterly decline, with the economy once more hampered by a frenetic oil sector.

This according to statistics comes after a dismal performance last year, when the economy shrank for the first time in over two decades on the back of lower oil production and a non-oil sector hobbled by power supply constraints and foreign exchange restrictions.

Aljazirah Nigeria notes that the good news is that the economy is expected to recover this year thanks to higher oil earnings and wiser fiscal spending. However, continuing foreign exchange distortions, limited private sector credit and policy uncertainty by the current government may hamper economic activity analysts opine.

The sad reality is that the man at the centre, President Muhammadu Buhari has the nation’s best interest at heart and is seen as masses oriented leader but good intentions rarely cut the ice in the plane of expectations.

Perhaps buffets by health challenges has reduced the capacity of the President to deliver or other extraneous factors, the fact remains that there are multitude of unfulfilled campaign promises by the incumbent government

Aljazirah Nigeria notes that what the people yearn for are results in every stratum of public life and welfare that concerns them but what is in short supply are results as far as the APC administration is concerned.

We urge the government to wake up to its responsibilities as it celebrates two years in office.

Nigerians are tired of failed promises. All they want is results and they want these now.

This is a time for stocktaking by every arm of government with a view at taking more decisive steps to right the wrongs of the past and move the nation along the pathway of rapid sustainable socio-economic and political development.

This is not too much to ask as we celebrate two years under the Muhammadu Buhari led APC government!

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