Editorial Policy

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Our reporters have a foremost duty to maintain the highest professional and ethical standards. Therefore, they shall provide at all times independent, verifiable and accurate news and information filled with integrity and honesty. Our Editorial policy.

They remain accountable for their actions, must be neutral in their position when reporting and must keep the national interest and security foremost in their minds at all times.

Consequently, they shall conduct themselves in consonance with the following principles and observe these principles both in letter and in spirit:

Our reporters must place national and security interest foremost in their conduct.

Our reporters must never demand for inducement for carrying out their legitimately assigned duties.

Our reporters must never write fictional reports or invent quotes but must focus on verifiable and real events.

Our reporters must never use their position to threaten or take advantage of members of the public

Our reporters must never suppress stories on the altar of friendship or favors.

Our reporters must never strive to benefit overtly from information acquired from sources.

Our reporters must never allow themselves to be blackmailed into paying for information in the course of their duties

Our reporters must present the news with integrity and decency, avoiding real or perceived conflicts of interest, and respect the dignity and intelligence of the audience, sources as well as the subjects of news.

They must not use any information or materials, obtained for public information, for personal use and interest.

They must not function or operate under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants that might undermine the objectivity of the news and information;

They shall always separate opinion and commentary from factual news in their reports.

They must refrain from using underhand newsgathering techniques, unless there is an overriding public interest.

They must refrain from using news sources that have vested interest in a story except there is an editorial consideration.

They must avoid gifts, favors, compensation or any other form of entertainment from those who might seek to influence coverage.

They must not engage in activities that may compromise the outfit’s or his/her integrity or independence.

They must promptly investigate complaints and correct errors with as much prominence as the original report done.

They must always protect the identity of children in the course of doing stories.

They must never use the platform for personal vendetta or to settle scores.

They must indicate the difference between a suspect and a convicted felon in their stories.

Refrain from reporting judicial proceedings that might affect the trial unfairly.

They must avoid reports obviously capable of leading to needless court litigation.

They must always identify themselves except in cases where their identity may jeopardize their safety or vital aspects of an investigation.

Our reporters shall not engage in plagiarism of other people’s work, and must ensure that all quotes from other published or non-published sources must be clearly given credits.

Out reporters must never publish any prejudicial references to a person’s sex, race, colour, national or ethnic origin, linguistic background, religion, or any physical or mental illness or disability unless there are compelling reasons editorially.

Our reporters are enjoined to always protect the confidentiality of sources except the source permits or there are overwhelming national or legal issues involved.

Our reporters must not violate the privacy of any person without his/her consent except in circumstances where it can clearly and objectively be demonstrated that there was an overriding public interest.

Our reporters must not harass, intimidate or trick any person to obtain, or attempt to obtain, information or pictures except in overriding public interest.

Failure to Comply with this Code of conduct and other relevant professional and national laws may lead to appropriate sanctions by the management and punitive measures under the law.

Editorial Policy.

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