EDITORIAL- When Femi Adesina lied against Mr President!

EDITORIAL- When Femi Adesina lied against Mr President!

Mr. Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser (Media and Publicity) to President Muhammadu Buhari on 2nd of December granted a media interview where he assessed the performance of his boss as credible.

In the interview, Femi Adesina claimed President Buhari has delivered on all his campaign promises such as security, corruption, infrastructure, amongst others.

In his words “In terms of security, we know where we are today that the insurgency is virtually defeated, completely under control…in terms of securing the country, the President has kept to his promise… The third area is the economy, it is still sticky but it is work in progress”.

One could easily profess that Mr Adesina is doing his job; blowing his master’s trumpet because that is what he is paid for.

However, AljazirahNigeria and indeed Nigerians do not know if Adesina lives in Nigeria or has migrated to Mars!

Be that as it may, Buhari and all Nigerians know that Adesina lied.

AljazirahNigeria condemns the above statements and assertions by Mr Adesina. We have deemed it fit to remind Mr Adesina that insurgency in Nigeria is on the high side, with many dying daily, corruption and economic recession is the order of the day. Buhari and his ministers are yet to publicly declare their assets as promised, Naira is falling against the dollar daily.

President Buhari is quite aware he has not fulfilled 1/3 of his campaign promises and as such, should be disappointed in Femi Adesina for publicly lying against him. Lying is also corruption on its own. Corruption is not only when one steals money. It is also corruption when you deliberately tell lies with the intent to deceive the people.

We feel Mr Adesina is so insensitive to the suffering of other citizens.

It is not every time a media spokesperson for a prominent personality needs to open his or her mouth especially in public.

Adesina should tell Nigerians how the Nigerian capital market has improved in the last 12 months; the security of lives and property in the country; our public health infrastructure; food situation etc.

Nigerians need to hear how progress is being made, not false propaganda on achievements that demonstrate little indicators of change.

Media personalities easily forget the masses they once fought for once they get public appointments. Before now, Mr Adesina, was a journalist and editor-in-chief of The Sun Newspapers.

With his numerous articles, he fought against tyranny and condemned corrupt government officials.

Sadly, all these changed when he was given public appointment.

Mr Femi needs to start thinking before talking!
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