Dogara condemns spate of impeachment of Assembly speakers

Dogara condemns spate of impeachment of Assembly speakers
Nigeria's democracy is facing existential threat especially at the state
level unless something is done to reverse the trend of incessant
impeachment of Speakers of States Houses of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Yakubu
Dogara, Speaker of the House of Representatives, has said.

Delivering a speech to welcome back lawmakers from the Christmas/New year
break in plenary on Tuesday, the Speaker drew the attention of his
colleagues to the recent spate of impeachment of state Houses of  Assembly
speakers which he said, portents grave danger to Nigeria's democracy.

"The recent spate of impeachment of Speakers of Houses of Assembly of
States gives cause for grave concern," he said.

"While we recognize the constitutional right of the legislature to conduct
its internal affairs including the right to hire and fire it's leadership,
it presents a different scenario where such leadership hiring and firing is
rife with accusations and insinuations of external influence and also
devoid of extant procedure."

"Leaders everywhere can only function efficiently where there is certainty
that commendation is the reward for good leadership and sanction the
consequence of inept leadership."

Dogara argued that Nigerian legislature needs to be afforded an opportunity
to blossom if our democracy is to ever mature into adulthood.

Already, the House Committee on the Review of the 1999 Constitution is
considering bills that will grant financial autonomy to the state Houses of

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