(ALJAZIRAH ENTREPRENEUR)- ‘The courage of the Lioness inspires my artistic works-‘ Victoria Okon

(ALJAZIRAH ENTREPRENEUR)- ‘The courage of the Lioness inspires my artistic works-‘ Victoria Okon

AljazirahNigeria had a short timeout with a female artist, Victoria Okon, who plies her petty trade along the numerous roads of Garki. She explains what motivates her and hitches to success. Excerpts-

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Victoria Okon. I am from Cross River state and I am engaged. I am 27 years old and a painter. I make sandals too.

Educational qualifications?

I have completed my secondary school.

Why didn’t you further your education?

I finished over 6 years ago but could not go further due to lack of funds

So how have you been surviving?

I have been helping myself out by doing petty stuff in addition to my painting. Apart from making sandals for men and ladies, I also continue my painting where I make little stipends

How did you discover your latent artistic talents?

It was already inborn. Going to school was just to hone the skills that were already inside of me. It is not absolutely as a result of lack of what to do. It is inborn and I am only expressing myself.

Tell us about one of your prominent works.

I have done ‘Market Square.’

What is it all about.

It is just a market setting where the people are about leaving the market after activities. It is an evening setting in a prominent market.

Which other work can you tell us about?

Another one is the ‘Lion’ painting. It depicts the lion family where every one of them has a specific role to play especially the mother who has to provide and fend for the entire family. It also depicts courage in the midst of adversity. You will never see a lion or its cub crying.

What gives you inspiration?

The lioness gives me inspiration. Her ability to weather the storms of life and to come out victorious. I also remember watching the film, ‘Titanic” and the symbolic painting that was done by one of the actors in the film. I was just nine years old then but I remember picking up my pen and pencil and doing some doodling. Ever since I have not stopped painting.

Major challenge?

I need a sponsor who can help me with finances so I can start doing this on a larger scale and attract more patronage.

Editor’s note- You can buy unique paintings from Victoria by calling her up on 08182842026





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