At 98, Olumba says his mission is to unite religions, humanity

At 98, Olumba says his mission is to unite religions, humanity

Asare Asare

To celebrate the 98th birthday of the mystery man, Olumba Olumba Obu, his legion of followers rolled out the red carpet and sounded drums all over Calabar metropolis and parts of the world where there are branches of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.

Olumb has reiterated that his mission in the world is essentially to bring together the diverse religions and warring peoples of the world!

As the pomp and pageantry continues under the theme ‘1918 – Behold the Ancient of Days’, he again spoke about himself in one of his sermons, saying he has not come for Nigeria, Black race, a particular religion  but for entire creation.

“I have come to reunite mankind, bring peace in the world by teaching love and forgiveness… ”

He however refused to accept that he is God as his followers have insisted but that he is Olumba Olumba Obu, a leader and comforter.

According to him, he has come to do what no man has ever done which to establish the Kingdom of God on earth, and remould sinners to the expected standard.

Olumba faithfuls who thronged Calabar last December to join in the celebration  tagged “Divine Manifestation” have already begun
grand plan and sensitisation of the  public on how they will celebrate the 100 years birthday of their spiritual leader who is reputed to
appear in different places simultaneously.

Bayelsa born Ambassador, Okorotie said they deliberately chose the theme because they recognise from their leader’s attributes, testimonies from ordinary people and spiritual adepts around the world about him, that he must be that Ancient of Days which many spiritual literatures, including the Holy Bible and the Quran speak about.

According to Okorotie, “The divine manifestation of Leader Olumba OlumbObu  is the best thing that has ever occurred in the entire human history. This is because he has come completely enveloped with all known and unknown powers…”
The followers claimed their leader deserves much more; that he has been selfless in his indepth spiritual services to humanity, which according to them, have tremendously impacted everything about them, their communities, and mankind.

As part of the activities already in place to mark the centenary celebration is the ongoing construction of a 5000 capacity amphitheatre
which the organisation calls ‘Olumba’s Supreme Temple’ and which Chinese engineers have accepted to erect at the cost of over Two Billion Naira.

A key member of the organization’s technical committee and one time gubernatorial aspirant in Rivers State, Michael West described it as the ‘third and final temple’ in the world.

Spokesman of the organisation, a retired geology economist, Edet E.Archibong at a press conference reeled out qualities and attributes of this unique Nigerian whom strong men around the world are falling at his feet daily.

“On 30th December 1918, a male child was born to the family of Olumba in Biakpan village in what is now Biase Local Government Area of Cross River State. Some strange happenings around him right from his birth made people take special note of him as an extraordinary child. One of the numerous incidents was that a blind woman, Onori Eke Oko, on carrying the baby had her sight restored. Another is that few months after he insisted that he is a teacher and master, and should be addressed as such – even as a little child!.  The strange happenings made the parents to recall some dreams which were revealed to some indigenes of Biakpan then before he was born”.

Archibong said the hallmark of the spiritual leader is humility right from birth. ” His simplicity is legendary. He wears no shoes or any adornments as wristwatches, chains or rings and rides no cars.  He would be found sweeping the compound by himself, and prefers to sit on the floor when receiving visitors. He does not get annoyed despite that people call him unprintable names even when he prays to solve their innumerable problems!”

The spokesman claimed that despite his simplicity, he is a spiritual authority whom principalities bow to and one his commands!

According to him, countless astrologers and men of power from different countries have encountered him and written exposé on his capabilities and divine teachings of love, forgiveness, honesty, humility, unity and other virtues.

Archibong said: “We have seen the qualities of God in him. We have heard myriad of testimonies about the power in his name, and how he is seen in many places at the same time even when he has never physically left Calabar, and he influences happenings even in the spiritual realms. These are supernatural feats.”

A prominent Muslim scholar of 30 years, Sheikh Hussain Mandour, an Egyptian, visited the leader in the 90s, claiming the man was the one who had been coming to teach him about Allah and other hidden mysteries. He had gone round Nigerian cities to preach that the Great Mahadi which Quoran speaks about has come as a Black Man.

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